Nonlinear Static Analysis

Pushover AnalysisNonlinear static analysis, commonly referred to as pushover analysis, is a method for determining the ultimate load and deflection capability of a structure.  Local nonlinear structure effects, such as flexural hinges at the member joints, are modeled and the structure is deformed or "pushed" until enough hinges form to develop a collapse mechanism or until the plastic deformation limit is reached at the hinges.

Reference Documents:

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  1. Presentations

    1. Nonlinear Static Analysis (2001)
      1.  Introduction
      2.  SAP2000 Example
      3.  wFRAME Example
    2. Earthquake Analysis with SAP2000 (2004)
      1. Response Spectra Analysis
      2. Nonlinear Static Analysis


  1. SAP 2000 Advanced
  2. IDARC2D
  3. DRAIN-2DX