Robert Matthews

Robert Matthews

The author of this web site, Robert Matthews, is a registered Structural Engineer who has experience in designing various structures ranging from loading docks to nuclear power plants, fighter aircraft to hypersonic vehicles and utility bridges to railroad bridges. His interest in structures led him to develop the Structures Resource Site with the goal of providing online resources to those interested in structural analysis and design.

Mr. Matthews studied engineering at Michigan State University and gained construction experience through summer jobs with the Department of Transportation and a general building contractor on the way to graduating with high honor. He started his professional career working for Bechtel Power Corporation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His work at Bechtel included design of high pressure steam line structures, fossil fuel power plant structures and nuclear power plant structures. Three years later, Mr. Matthews moved to San Diego, California, where he worked for General Dynamics Convair Division. His experience at Convair included stress analysis for cruise missiles and hypersonic vehicles. During his time with General Dynamics, Mr. Matthews also worked on fighter aircraft at the Ft. Worth Division and on launch vehicles for the Space Systems Division. Seven years later Mr. Matthews began working for Holmes & Narver in Orange, California where he performed building design for retail stores and air traffic control facilities. Holmes & Narver merged with two other firms to become DMJM Harris where Mr. Matthews designed bridges for highway, railroad and aircraft. DMJM Harris further merged with other companies to eventually become AECOM. Mr. Matthews held positions as the Structural Department Manager for Southern California, Regional Quality Manager for the West Coast and Engineering Director for Southern California.

In 2015 Mr. Matthews joined RailPros in Irvine, California where he started new civil and structural engineering departments, served as Corporate headquarters office manager and directs the firms engineering efforts.

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