Composite material

This page contains information useful to those interested in composite materials for structures.

Composite Material Types:

  1. Glass/Epoxy
  2. Graphite/Epoxy
  3. Kevlar/Epoxy
  4. Carbon/Carbon
  5. Carbon/Silicon Carbide
  6. Metal/Metal Matrix

Reference Documents:

  1. Books and Papers

    1. Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook
    2. AFWAL-TR-85-3069, Buckling of Laminated Composite Plates and Shell Panels.
    3. AFWAL-TR-88-3035, Design Guide for Bolted Joints in Composite Structures.
    4. DOD/NASA Advanced Composites Design Guide
    5. MIL HNBK 17 Composite Materials Handbook
    6. NASACR112236, Adhesive Bonded Single Lap Joints
    7. NASACR112237, Adhesive Bonded Scarf and Stepped Lap Joints.
  2. Presentations:

  1. Composite Materials (Analysis) 

Other Resources:

  1. Netcomposites